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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1471 Myrelle Latin Feminine variant of Mireya from the Hebrew male name Amariah meaning 'Jehovah has said. F
1472 Myriam Hebrew Ancient version of Mary. In the Bible Miriam sister of Moses saved his life when she hid infant Moses in a basket among the rushes at the river's edge for Pharaoh's daughter to find. F
1473 Myrilla Latin Marvelous. F
1474 Myrina Latin An Amazon. F
1475 Myrla French Blackbird. F
1476 Myrlene Latin Blackbird. F
1477 Myrna Arabic Myrrh; sweet oil. F
1478 Myrna Celtic Tender. F
1479 Myrna Gaelic Variant of Morna: Beloved. F
1480 Myrta Greek Myrtle. F
1481 Myrta Latin Variant of Myrtle - based on the evergreen shrub sacred to Venus as a symbol of love. F
1482 Myrtia Greek Myrtle. F
1483 Myrtice Greek Myrtle. F

1484 Myrtilla English Variant of Myrtle: A flowering shrub. F
1485 Myrtis Greek Myrtle. F
1486 Myrtisa Greek Myrtle. F
1487 Myrtle English A flowering shrub. F
1488 Myrtle Greek Myrtle. F
1489 Myrtoessa Latin A nymph. F
1490 Mysia Biblical Criminal, abominable. F
1491 Mysie Scottish Variant of Maisie: Scottish Diminutive form of Margaret: Pearl, child of light. F
1492 Mystee English Misty. F
1493 Mysti English Misty. F
1494 Mystique French Air of mystery. F
1495 Mytra Greek Myrtle. F
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