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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
2556 Zilthai Biblical My shadow, my talk. M
2557 Zimmah Biblical Thought, wickedness. M
2558 Zimran Biblical Song, singer, vine. M
2559 Zimzi Biblical My field, my vine. M
2560 Zin Biblical Buckler, coldness. M
2561 Zina Biblical Shining, going back. M
2562 Zion Biblical Monument; raised up; sepulcher M
2563 Zior Biblical Ship of him that watches M
2564 Ziph Biblical This mouth or mouthful, falsehood. M
2565 Ziphron Biblical Falsehood of a song, rejoicing M
2566 Zippor Biblical Bird, sparrow, crown, desert. M
2567 Zithri Biblical To hide, demolished. M
2568 Ziz Biblical Flower, branch, a lock of hair M

2569 Ziza Biblical Shining, going back. M
2570 Zoan Biblical Motion M
2571 Zoar Biblical Little, small. M
2572 Zobah Biblical An army; warring M
2573 Zobebah Biblical An army; warring M
2574 Zohar Biblical White, bright, dryness. M
2575 Zoheleth Biblical That creeps, slides, or draws M
2576 Zoheth Biblical Separation, amazing. M
2577 Zophah Biblical Viol, honeycomb. M
2578 Zophar Biblical Rising early, crown. M
2579 Zophim Biblical Place for a watchman M
2580 Zorah Biblical Leprosy, scab, hornet M
2581 Zorobabel Biblical A stranger at Babylon, dispersion of confusion. M
2582 Zuar Biblical Little, small. M
2583 Zuph Biblical That beholds, observes, watches, roof, covering M
2584 Zur Biblical Stone; rock; that besieges M
2585 Zuriel Biblical Rock or strength of God M
2586 Zurishaddai Biblical The Almighty is my rock and strength M
2587 Zuzims Biblical The posts of a door, splendor, beauty. M
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