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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Adrie Dutch From the Adriatic. F
2 Aleen Dutch Alone. F
3 Alene Dutch Alone. F
4 Alida Dutch Noble. F
5 Alina Dutch Alone. F
6 Aline Dutch Alone. F
7 Ambrosius Dutch Divine. M
8 Anika Dutch Dutch form of Anne. F
9 Anke Dutch Dutch form of Anne. F
10 Anki Dutch Dutch form of Anne. F
11 Annemie Dutch Bitter grace. F
12 Arabella Dutch Beautiful. F
13 Barend Dutch Bear. M

14 Bartholomeus Dutch Farmer. M
15 Basilius Dutch Kingly. M
16 Berg Dutch Mountain. M
17 Betje Dutch Devoted to God. F
18 Bleecker Dutch Bleacher of cloth. M
19 Bonifacius Dutch Does good. M
20 Bram Dutch A Dutch diminutive of Abraham, meaning 'father of a multitude' Famous bearer: Bram Stoker, 19th century Irish author of Dracula. M
21 Britt Dutch Brit. A native of Brittany: (France) or Britain: (England). M
22 Cecilius Dutch Blind. M
23 Claudios Dutch Lame. M
24 Clementius Dutch Merciful. M
25 Dael Dutch Small valley. F
26 Dedrick Dutch Gifted ruler. Variant of Diederick. M
27 Dehaan Dutch Cock or rooster. M
28 Deman Dutch Tame. M
29 Devisser Dutch Fisherman. M
30 Devoss Dutch Fox. M
31 Devries Dutch Frisian. M
32 Dewitt Dutch White. M
33 Dirck Dutch Dutch forms of Theodoric. M
34 Dirk Dutch A diminutive of Derek meaning people ruler. Famous bearer: British actor Dirk Bogarde. A Dutch forms of Theodoric. M
35 Dwight Dutch Blond. M
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