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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
1 Acenath Egyptian Daughter. Biblical - Joseph's Egyptian wife. F
2 Ain Egyptian Priceless. F
3 Akila Egyptian Intelligent. F
4 Amunet Egyptian Mythical goddess of mystery. F
5 Anat Egyptian A wife of Seth. F
6 Anippe Egyptian Daughter of the Nile. F
7 Asenath Egyptian Daughter. F
8 Astarte Egyptian A wife of Seth. F
9 Auset Egyptian Another name for Isis. F
10 Aziza Egyptian Precious. F
11 Bahiti Egyptian Fortune. F
12 Bast Egyptian Personification of the heat of the sun. F
13 Bastet Egyptian Eat. F

14 Bennu Egyptian Eagle. F
15 Chione Egyptian Mythical daughter of the Nile. F
16 Cleopatra Egyptian A queen of Eygpt. F
17 Dalila Egyptian Gentle. F
18 Dendera Egyptian From Dendera. F
19 Ebonee Egyptian Black. F
20 Eboni Egyptian Black. F
21 Ebonique Egyptian Black. F
22 Ebony Egyptian Black. F
23 Echidna Egyptian Mythical monster. F
24 Edjo Egyptian Another form of Uadjit. F
25 Eshe Egyptian Life. F
26 Femi Egyptian Love. F
27 Fukayna Egyptian Intelligent. F
28 Habibah Egyptian Loved. F
29 Hafsah Egyptian Married to the prophet. F
30 Halima Egyptian Gentle. F
31 Haqikah Egyptian Honest. F
32 Hasina Egyptian Good. F
33 Hathor Egyptian Sakmet - goddess of destruction. F
34 Hatshepsut Egyptian Name of a queen. F
35 Hehet Egyptian Goddess of the immeasurable. F
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