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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
36 Kano Japanese One's masculine power; capability. M
37 Kaori Japanese Add a man's strength. M
38 Kaya Japanese Adds a place of resting. F
39 Keiji Japanese Governs with discretion. M
40 Keitaro Japanese Blessed. M
41 Ken Japanese Strong; physically healthy. M
42 Kenji Japanese Intelligent second son; strong and vigorous. M
43 Kenjiro Japanese Second son who sees with insight. M
44 Kentaro Japanese Sharp; big boy. M
45 Kumiko Japanese Companion child; drawing together. F
46 Kyoko Japanese Mirror. F
47 Maeko Japanese Truth child. F
48 Maemi Japanese Smile of truth. F

49 Maiya Japanese Surname meaning rice valley. F
50 Makoto Japanese Good. M
51 Manzo Japanese Ten thousand-fold-strong third son. M
52 Mareo Japanese Rare; uncommon. M
53 Mariko Japanese Ball; circle. F
54 Marise Japanese Infinite; endless. F
55 Marise Japanese Infinite; endless. M
56 Maro Japanese Myself. M
57 Matsuko Japanese Pine tree child. F
58 Michie Japanese Gateway; gracefully drooping flower. F
59 Michiko Japanese Child of beauty. F
60 Michio Japanese Man with strength of three thousand. M
61 Midori Japanese Green. F
62 Miki Japanese Three trees together. F
63 Miki Japanese Tree. M
64 Mikio Japanese Three trees together. M
65 Minoru Japanese Bear fruit. M
66 Mitsu Japanese Surname meaning shine; reflect. F
67 Miya Japanese Three arrows; temple. F
68 Montaro Japanese Big boy. M
69 Morio Japanese Forest boy. M
70 Nariko Japanese Gentle child. F
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