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Search in more than 40770 babynames for boys and girls with meanings and origins!

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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
596 Nuallan Gaelic Famous. M
597 Nudd ArthurianLegend A knight. M
598 Nudrat Muslim Rarity. Uniqueness.. M
599 Nuh Muslim The Biblical Noah is the English language equivalent.. M
600 Nukpana NativeAmerican Evil (Hopi). M
601 Nulte Irish From Ulster. M
602 Nulty Irish From Ulster. M
603 Numa Latin A king of Rome. M
604 Nun Biblical Posterity, a fish, eternal. M
605 Nun Egyptian God of the ocean. M
606 Nuncio Latin Messenger. M
607 Nunzio Latin Messenger. M
608 Nur Arabic Light. M

609 Nuri Hebrew My fire. M
610 Nuri Israeli My fire. M
611 Nuri Muslim Shining.. M
612 Nuru African Born at night. (Swahili). M
613 Nuru Egyptian Born during the day. M
614 Nuruddin Muslim Brightness of the Faith.. M
615 Nusrat Muslim Victory. Help.. M
616 Nuzhat Muslim Recreation. Amusement.. M
617 Nye English Island. M
618 Nye Welsh Diminutive of Aneurin: Uncertain origin, but may be derived from the Latin Honorius meaning man of honour, or from the Welsh eur meaning gold. M
619 Nygel English Champion. From the Irish and Scottish Niall. M
620 Nygel Gaelic Champion From the Irish and Scottish Niall. M
621 Nygel Scandinavian Champion. From the Irish and Scottish Niall. M
622 Nykko English Abbreviation of Nicholas. Mythological Nike was Greek goddess of victory and root origin of 'Nicholas.'. M
623 Nyle Anglo-Saxon Desire. M
624 Nyle Celtic Champion. M
625 Nyle English Island. M
626 Nyles English Champion. Form of Neil. M
627 Nym Shakespearean 'King Henry V' Soldier in the King's army. 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' A Follower of Falstaff. M
628 Nymphas Biblical Spouse; bridegroom M
629 Nynnyaw Welsh Legendary son of Beli. M
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