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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
36 Ocumwhowurst NativeAmerican Yellow wolf (Cheyenne). M
37 Ocunnowhurst NativeAmerican Yellow wolf (Cheyenne). M
38 Ocvran ArthurianLegend Father of Guinevere. M
39 Odakota NativeAmerican Friend (Sioux). M
40 Odale English Of the valley. M
41 Odam English Son in law. M
42 Odanodan Irish Of the red earth. M
43 Odayle English Of the valley. M
44 Odbart German Wealthy. M
45 Odd Norse Point. M
46 Oddie German Variant of Odo: Wealth. M
47 Oddleif Norse Point descendant. M
48 Oddvar Norse Pointable. M

49 Ode Teutonic Rich. M
50 Oded Biblical To sustain, hold or lift up. M
51 Oded Hebrew Encourages. M
52 Odel Anglo-Saxon Wealthy. M
53 Odell Anglo-Saxon Wealthy. M
54 Odell English Of the valley. M
55 Odell Irish Surname. M
56 Odell Norse Wealthy. M
57 Odgar Welsh Legendary son of Aedd. M
58 Odharnait Gaelic Pale. M
59 Odhert German Wealthy. M
60 Odhran Irish Pale green. M
61 Odi Anglo-Saxon Wealthy defender. M
62 Odilo Teutonic Rich. M
63 Odin Anglo-Saxon Wealthy defender. M
64 Odin Norse God of the sky. M
65 Odion Egyptian Born of twins. M
66 Odo French Name of a bishop. M
67 Odo German Wealth. M
68 Odo Teutonic Rich. M
69 Odom English Son in law. M
70 Odon Anglo-Saxon Wealthy defender. M
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