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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save
281 Vohkinne NativeAmerican Roman nose (Cheyenne). M
282 Voistitoevitz NativeAmerican White cow (Cheyenne). M
283 Voisttitoevetz NativeAmerican White cow (Cheyenne). M
284 Vokivocummast NativeAmerican White antelope (Cheyenne). M
285 VolIny German People's spirit. M
286 Volker German People's guard. M
287 Volker Teutonic People's defender. M
288 Volney German People's spirit. M
289 Volney Teutonic Of the people. M
290 Volody Russian Peaceful. M
291 Volodya Slavic Universal ruler. M
292 Volsung Norse Ruler of the Huns. M
293 Voltemand Shakespearean 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' A courtier. M

294 Volumnius Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' Supportor of Brutus. M
295 Von German The prefex 'Von' is equivalent of 'Van' in Dutch names and of 'de' in French names. M
296 Vonn Welsh Little. M
297 Vontell Welsh Little. M
298 Vophsi Biblical Fragrant, diminution. M
299 Vorath Welsh Variant of Iorwerth: Worthy lord. Derived from 'ior' and 'gwerth'. Legendary son of Maredudd. M
300 Vortigem ArthurianLegend Name of a king. M
301 Vortimer ArthurianLegend Vortigem's son. M
302 Vova Slavic Universal ruler. M
303 Vrba Czechoslovakian Willow. M
304 Vrishni Indian Manly. M
305 Vritra Indian A demon. M
306 Vromme Dutch Wise. M
307 Vruyk English From the fortress. M
308 Vsn Eych Dutch From the osk. M
309 Vsnderveer Dutch From the ferry. M
310 Vsndyke Dutch From the dike. M
311 Vukan Latin God of fire. M
312 Vyacheslav Russian Has glory. M
313 Vyacheslav Slavic Glory. M
314 Vyasa Indian Name of a poet. M
315 Vychan Welsh Small. M
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