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36 Hagab Biblical A grasshopper. F
37 Hagabah Biblical A grasshopper. F
38 Hagar Biblical A stranger, one that fears. F
39 Hagar Hebrew Forsaken. Flight. Famous bearer: the Old Testament maidservant of Sarah, wife of Abraham. F
40 Haggiah Biblical The Lord's feast. F
41 Haggith Biblical Rejoicing. F
42 Hai Biblical Mass, heap. F
43 Haidee Greek Modest, well-behaved, or caressed. Famous bearer: Haidee was a character in Byron's Don Juan. F
44 Hailey English Field of hay. Usually a surname. F
45 Haimati Indian Snow queen. F
46 Hajna Hungarian Grace. F
47 Hajnal Latin Dawn. F
48 Hakan Norse Noble. F

49 Hakan Swedish Noble. F
50 Hakana Swedish Noble. F
51 Hakidonmuya NativeAmerican Time of waiting (Hopi). F
52 Hakkoz Biblical A thorn, summer, an end. F
53 Hakupha Biblical A commandment of the mouth. F
54 Hala Muslim Lunar halo. Glory.. F
55 Halag German Pious. F
56 Halah Arabic Nimble. F
57 Halah Biblical A moist table. F
58 Halah Muslim Aureole.. F
59 Halak Biblical Part. F
60 Halcyon Greek Calm. Derived from the name of a Greek mythological sea bird. Commonly used in the expression 'halcyon days.'. F
61 Halcyone Greek Daughter of Aeolus. F
62 Haldana Norse Half Dane. F
63 Haldis Norse Firm helper. F
64 Haldis Teutonic Spirit of stone. F
65 Haldisa Teutonic Spirit of stone. F
66 Haldora Norse Half spirited. F
67 Haleema Muslim Variant of Halima: Gentle. Patient. Mild. Humane.. F
68 Haleigh English Field of hay. Usually a surname. F
69 Halette French Little Hal. F
70 Haley English Field of hay. Usually a surname. F
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